The goal of the Race Matters Institute (RMI) is to strengthen our nation by ensuring that all children, families, and communities thrive.  We do this by helping nonprofits, government units, community organizations, and philanthropies increase their mission-driven results across their diverse constituencies.  Our customized training, technical assistance, coaching, and product development produce strategies and concrete actions that enable an organization to be more intentional in its operations and programs about advancing racially equitable outcomes.  Our particular focus on organizational policies, programs, practices, and protocols complements the work of allies in the field of racial equity who offer strategies for personal and interpersonal change.


Want a quick assessment?   Most organizations have room to grow to ensure that their work produces good results for everyone.  We invite you to click below to take our Racial Equity Organizational Assessment.  See if you are taking the steps that are usually needed to achieve the equitable results you and your constituencies want.    


The Race Matters Institute has come to be known over the past decade for its introductory trainings and follow-up technical assistance and coaching.  These help organizations utilize a shared language and framework to advance racial equity and apply the core Race Matters tools in their work.   Through the years of these engagements, we’ve learned what else organizations need in order for their commitment to expanded opportunity to be sustainable.  That’s why we will soon unveil further customized services that give you what you’ve asked for!  Please stay tuned…


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Feb 25, 2015 11:22am
Main duties and responsibilities: 1. Lead strategic social media outreach. Includes creating and posting content, tracking analytics, and advising on strategy. 2. Assist with research, visual design (e.g., powerpoint, photoshop, infographics). 3. Assist with business development (e.g., grants and contracts searches, proposal development, maintaining contacts database). 4. Manage programmatic content materials database. 5. Regular in-office presence in Baltimore needed. 6. Other duties as assigned to ensure high quality program management and service delivery. Click on blog title for full job description.
Mar 26, 2014 9:33am
Are you confused about the difference between equality and equity? You’re not alone! Let’s see if we can help clarify. This is not a word game – it matters deeply for how we invest precious societal resources in our young people, families, and communities.
"As an organization with over 800 employees serving a diverse population (over 6,000 children plus their family members), the Race Matters training and tool kit has given us a great framework to do our work! Having a common language and filters … has been very valuable. As a result of our training, sub groups have been formed to “tackle” some pressing policy issues, using the tools. While we know this work is not easy and will be ongoing, there is a commitment from the CEO to all levels to be racially informed in all our work."
Sonia Barnes-Moorhead
Executive Vice President
Astor Services for Children and Families
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